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About Aravel Garduno

I am a conscious medium and healer with 14 years of experience offering private sessions, group sessions, healing workshops and retreats.


Becoming one who connects others with the Crystalline Consciousness has been a natural gift and I offer this with all my heart selflessly to others who are called to connect in a deeper way to the Crystalline Mineral Kingdoms.

I am honored to make this powerful connection available to others by initiating them into the Crystalline Consciousness through my online Facilitator Initiation programs.


Though well practiced with my conscious mediumship, I continue to do personal healing and spiritual work in order to powerfully support others on their own transformational journeys.


I have studied the Shamanic healing and energy practices of the Four Winds Light Body School. 

As well been initiated into three levels of the Reiki Lineage of Usui Shiki Ryoho.


The work that I have been guided to offer is for all those wanting to excel into higher levels of healing practitioners and or mediums in their preferred healing modalities.

Offering my healing services is my deepest calling.  


Here are some of what I specialize in facilitating:

  • Crystalline Healing: I facilitate a higher more efficient crystalline matrix for an individual - which means that this type of healing shifts an individual from a carbon base matrix to a crystalline base matrix. This transformational shift into a higher frequency and vibration changes one's life in a profound way. Please note:  This alchemical and biological energetic healing may vary for every individual.

  • Chakra Work: The way I facilitate this is very profound and involves the specific healing lineages that work through me; they are the ones who open and clear all of an individual's chakras in a highly efficient, effective and powerful way.

  • Crystal Skull A C T I V A T I O N:  This is when I facilitate a full enlivening of a Crystal Skull. The Skull carving is a template that is like a Shell. The Crystal Skull Activation I facilitate brings the full life force - full enlivening of consciousness into the Crystal Skull. Click HERE to find out how to Activate your Skull.


All the different offerings of my healing work put you back in touch with your heart's truth and into alignment with your highest divine soul purpose and expression.

As a Graduate Jeweler Gemologist who's career started in fine Jewelry making. Check her Crystal and Crystal Skull inspirations HERE.

Check her Fine Jewelry collection HERE.

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