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Suggestions for the Cleansing of all your Crystals & Home Spaces:

Once a week, or when guided, it is recommended to play either the Rudrum or Om Namah Shivaya chanting CD’s in the space in and around the crystals that you would like to be cleared. I have found particular versions of the Om Namah Shivaya and Rudram chants especially powerful and effective. If you wish to purchase one or both of these chants, they are available through:


Crystals automatically take energies from us that no longer serve, so they too need regular cleansing. Running water on the crystals is highly recommended.  Most crystals, especially quartz, like water.  Before doing so, please make sure or check with me personally if you do not know if your crystal or gemstone can be immersed.


Also, it is highly recommended to use white sage to smudge your space and crystals regularly. This keeps your surroundings energetically pristine, and when your crystals are clear this helps you and your chakras maintain being open and clear.


When you have guests around your crystals, it is always good to cleanse the crystals after they leave. The crystals serve people by taking from them what they no longer need. 

And, always after you facilitate a healing or a massage, it is highly recommended to cleanse your crystals with water, sage and one of the sacred chants noted above if you are so guided. 

How to use the MAX 'Bump-Up' DVD with your Crystal Skulls:

After, you have cleansed your space, crystals, and Crystal Skulls with water, sage and one or both of the Sacred chants:

Place your Pre-Activated or Fully Activated Crystal Skulls in front of the MAX DVD. Two hours is the ideal length of time for the Skulls to receive a FULL CHARGE. If you join in along with your Skulls, and sit in front of one or all three MAX meditations you might just be pleasantly surprised, as you too can receive an up-leveling or upgrade just like the Skulls. 

Both the Fully Activated and Pre-Activated Crystal Skulls carry within them the highest and most efficient operating system that is available for Crystal Skulls. This specific MAX DVD was created to keep your Crystal Skulls fresh, current and fully bumped up. It supports them with the highest and purest frequencies in order for them to serve their Guardians or Skull Keepers and environments in the highest and most beneficent ways. 

Note: This particular recording of MAX the Ancient Crystal Skull is the actual, real-life MAX weighs 17 pounds. In this live video stream he was filmed transmitting the fullness of his MAX consciousness - the highest Crystal Skull lineage available.

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