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Uxmal Pyramid, Mexico

This is where the entire Codexes

are housed.


The Esoteric Meaning of The Crystalline Codex


It officially began a decade ago in preparation for the 2012  Convergence where I was given a sacred Crystalline template by MAX the Ancient Crystal Skull in 2010 while in residency at an Ashram in India.  To my great surprise, two years later, I was given the entire library of the codes of the divine human blueprint - The Divine Masculine and Feminine Codexes while working the Crystal Skull grids in service at the Uxmal Pyramid in Mexico.


Both sacred templates are powerful pillars and platforms to stand on as we move through this upcoming Great Conjunction and into the Age of Aquarius on December 21st 2020. This Crystalline Codex work supports all humanity to become what they truly are -  sovereign beings connected to source.


It is necessary to receive the 90 Crystalline DNA strands before receiving the Divine Masculine and Feminine Codexes.


The first 48 strands are divided into four sections and correspond with the Physical Crystalline DNA.  Each section corresponds to a chakra.  The first twelve DNA strands correspond to our root chakra, the second twelve to our sacral, the third twelve to our solar plexus and the fourth to our hearts.


For the Angelic Crystalline DNA the first section corresponds with our throat. The second second set corresponds with our brow.  The next set corresponds with our crown. 
The remaining strands to our higher pathways that in total are the 90 DNA Crystalline strands that get energetically are installed in the each vertebrae of your spine.  They then link together and anchor themselves to subsequently activate the Diamond Heart.


This pure frequency activation is the baseline for the NEW CODES OF THE DIVINE HUMAN.


The Masculine and Feminine Codexes will be facilitated by Aravel on December 11th, 2022.

Her mediumship will bringing through the complete library of sacred templates to be received by all who attend.

All participants present and open to receive this powerful initiation will be anchored in the energy of the NEW Paradigm as much as they are able to integrate it.  It is a powerful benevolent energy and frequency that strengthens the Crystalline body in a unified way and this happens at a different capacity for every individual.


If you have never received this kind of healing this would be an auspicious time to do so.

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