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Frequently Asked Questions

What does the Crystalline do?

The conscious energies of the crystalline help all life vibrate in an interconnected state where unconditional love and peace flourish.

Do Crystal Skulls need cleansing?

Minimum cleansing on all your non, pre-activated or fully activated MAX skulls should should happen once a week or as guided. 

How do I charge my Crystal Skulls?

Playing the MAX DVD bumps-up all skulls and keeps them emanating at their fullest vibrating potential. MAX consciousness is the highest operating system a Crystal Skull can have.

What does an activated Crystal Skull do? 

They amplify and are powerful receivers and generators of higher frequency light and consciousness and when in proximity they enlighten your energetic field and surroundings.

Crystals Skulls and DNA?

They are DNA enhancers and bump up consciousness expanding and upgrading and individual in all ways. When the Crystal Skulls consciousness has been enlivened, they are living and breathing. 

What do I do with my activated Crystal Skull?

Be with them. Open yourself to them. Sleep with them. Work with them. Listen to them. Set intentions with them. They work thru our heart portal which is connected to our feelings.  They communicate to us through our energetics/senses.  It is not controlled or a contrived process, it's a natural and organic process that works beyond the mind's capacity.
Click HERE to learn how work with a fully activated Skull.


How does the consciousness birth in a Crystal Skull?

As crystal skulls are being carved and the eyes are forming during the carving process, the template of the skull automatically connects them to the 13 Crystal Skulls Consciousness as to say that this is sort of an umbilical cord to the crystal skull energy.  But the skull is still not fully online in a way that it can provide the maximum service that it can. It will need an operating system and the pre-activating process starts them off. 

It is like partially awakening them to what they are here to do. 

Each time you play the MAX DVD to a pre-activated skull it bumps it up and furthers its evolution. Skulls are like us in the way that they are always evolving.

What's the best way to care for Skulls so they can maintain their highest energy?

Cleanse them regularly or as guided with running water, sage and use a sacred chant that Aravel recommends to charge them and to keep them emanating strong light and frequencies.  Remember to cleanse them first and then either place them on selenite or even better set them in a 6 pointed star grid and

At the same time play the DVD MAX video for two hours for a partial charge and four hours for a full charge every so often or as guided.

Click HERE for cleansing and charging tools.

Are Crystal Skulls in Jewelry pre-activated?

What does pre-activated mean for the bracelets?

It means that these bracelets are not an ordinary skull bracelet. Having a skull bracelet purchased from this Skull Wisdom portal facilitates either a pre-activated or fully activated skulls that are conscious and aware DNA workers, servers of the light and always working in your highest interest.

Wearing this extra higher light and consciousness on your wrist infuses your chakra with light and adds an additional layer of protection to your energetic system which include your chakras and aura.

It also means that the properties of the crystal skull bracelet are not limited to what the properties say it’s doing.  Because once a crystal is carved into a skull it takes the inherent properties of the crystal to levels not comprehensible to the mind - the energy is exalted.

Click HERE for pre-activated Crystal Skull Jewelry.


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