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Ancestor Healing & Liberation

There are many factors to why we suffer and experience specific challenges in our lives. One is a result of our ancestors not being able to complete their karmic journey while in their human form.

As a collective, we have deeply ingrained conditioning, programs and limiting beliefs that have been handed down generationally resulting in the continued experience of lack, isolation, addiction, suffering and unhappiness. When we leave this plane we often have unresolved hurt and regret, relationships that have not healed, and unfulfilled soul contracts.  This incomplete karma doesn't disappear. It gets passed down through our descendants, to you and me. These karmic experiences are added to our own personal contracts for us to experience and heal. For the souls who have passed with unfulfilled contracts, they remain in the lower realms and it is a much more difficult and slower process to evolve and ascend into higher realms.  We are the result of our ancestors - without them we would not be here in this most auspicious evolutionary time. Liberating our ancestors to higher realms allows YOU and your ancestors to experience more freedom, love, peace and connectedness. If you have received ancestor healing once or twice before with anyone, including myself,  it does not mean that you are done assisting your ancestors. Most of our Ancestors take their time to become ready to receive healing in order to be liberated from the lower dimensional planes where they may currently be.  Remember this is an ongoing process that doesn't end when we leave this human form. When this karma is cleared not only do our ancestors receive liberation, but we do as well.

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