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Rainbow 🌈  (Clear Quartz Crystal Skull)

Is an Elemental Being. She is a Fairy with dragonfly wings who brings positive changes and helps you conquer your fears. Rainbow integrates your lower vibrational emotions while raising your spirit with joy.


Goldie ⭐️ (Citrine Crystal Skull)

Is a Being of Light who is an Elf from the 9th Dimension. She cleanses your energy body and aura with her Healing Light while her Golden Light protects you from the 'evil eye' and helps prevent you absorbing energy from others. 


Amazon 🛖 (Smoky Quartz Crystal Skull)

Is a Chief from an ancient lost civilization deep in the Amazon who connects you with Gaia. He enhances your spiritual gifts and assists in your journey to explore the spirit realm. Amazon teaches you the lost wisdom of his people

Golden Children

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