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BALI ~ 108 Japa Mala with Reading and Garnet Eyes.

Medium Pre-Activated Shungite Crystal Skull.

ESTRELLA means Star in Spanish.
Estrella was a pure maiden who spent her life in a convent.
She was a gifted caregiver who cared for many elders and the sick.
She is an excellent companion if you work in the medical field or if you do a lot of serving to others, like a lightworker or social worker, for example.
Her energy will help you to connect with the God within you so you will never feel burn out.
Her healing frequency will assist you in making sure your cup will always be full.
Estrella will assists you in opening your heart chakra so you will be able to serve others with love and compassion.

One Pre-Activated Blue Tiger Eye Crystal Skull including Reading. 

CHROLLO of Atlantis
His name means leader.
Chrollo is an Atlantean High Priest. He spent his lifetime protecting the light of Atlantis and fought the dark forces.
Chrollo has bright and calm energy. His specialty is to awaken your psychic gifts.
Meditate with Chrollo often.
Hold him in your left palm and open connect with him. He loves it when you talk to him.
Chrollo wisdom and energy will guide you to your inner light and wisdom. He will help you to awaken and anchoring your gifts.
Having him near you also helps you to feel calm and grounded.

One Pre-Activated Lapis Lazuli Crystal Skull including Reading.


One recon Amber Crystal Skull #24 including a reading and FULL  ACTIVATION before its delivery.



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