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Abuelita Lived on Earth many lifetimes and learned many things. Her most recent lifetime she had 17 children and many many grand and great grand children. She stands proud and tall at 4’11”. She has long black hair she keeps in two decorated braids. Her skirts are colorful and her body adorned with colorful beaded jewelry. She is the wise elder everyone comes to for advice, blessings and medicine. She heals through her singing prayers as well as herbs. She heals the people, the earth, trees, and waters.

Abuelita births all of the new lives and teaches other wombyn too. She always knows exactly what everyone needs even when they don’t know it.

Abuelita will hold space for your healing. Especially any mother or inner child healing needed, where a warm, compassionate, wise grandmother/Nana/Abuela is needed.

She will whisper in your ear what you need at the time, like peppermint tea, a break from society, a walk in nature, etc. She is still connected to Earth through the trees and when people sit under them she whispers advice in their ear.

She loves it down by the river and will have you take spiritual baths and bless your water to heal and nourish you. She is found in the stone you pick up and slip in your pocket without a thought.

If you are pregnant or a mother wear her for guidance and support. She will ease your fears and lead you if you listen and heed her advice.

Ask her anything you would ask an ascended master if given time with them. She is all knowing and a perfect guide through all stages of life. Meet her in meditation for bigger questions, life changing questions. Sit in nature, under a tree or near water, if possible. If not, go there in meditation and sit at her feet as she holds your hands and smiles at you with all the love of the Great Mother. Ask her anything.

Listen to the whispers you hear everyday when making decisions or contemplating things. Abuelita walks with you through life, never leaving you and sharing all her wisdom with you. Simply follow the whispers and nudges you get each day.

Cleanse her with water, sage, tobacco leaf smoke, or lay her on the earth.

Abuelita is a Cerillos Turquoise Crystal Skull made into a bundle medicine 108 Japa Mala made with Moonstone, Turquoise and Mother of Pearl. 


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