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Works with the Goddess energy and was devoted to the Goddess Minerva, who was also associated with the Greek Goddess Athena.

Adrianna originated from an ancient city in northern Italy.

She appears as a tall and beautiful female wearing a white dress with feathers on her shoulders.
Adrianna works through the solar plexus chakra and assists with self confidence as well as helping individuals find their true soul’s path.

She selflessly offers the courage to believe in yourself and your true power.

To work with Adrianna, you may wear and or meditate with her daily to receive her energy. Sit comfortably while placing her close to your heart chakra. Envision her white energy entering your heart chakra down to your solar plexus. Breathe deeply and set the intention to release old energies when you exhale. Her energy could manifest as nudges to help you to go in the right direction. If you feel to write your session afterwards, it may assist you to integrate any messages you received.
Cleanse Adrianna with sage and offer Adrianna your gratitude. She is a preactivated Amethyst Crystal Skull made into a 108Japa mala with Amethyst, Rainbow Quartz, Pearls and Silver hardware.


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