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Sunset is a male.

He is the gravity of rotation. The dawn of a new day, new life. Sunset brings forth the tenacity to greet each day brand new. He encourages you to close out the chapters that once were, and focus in the horizon of new beginnings. He reminds you that all things serve in rotation, and he inspires you to honor this by surrendering. Sunset brings in the gift of seeing in the dark, and hearing the beautiful crickets and toads of the night. He illuminates the gifts of the nocturnal dark, and empowers you to hold space, for the gravity will bring a sunrise. Sunset is here to bring the gift of love and appreciation for the nightfall, and night sky. He reminds you that you are too the night sky full of stars. Sunset is a facilitator of the Solar Plexus Chakra.

Golden Tiger Eye elongated Mayan Crystal Skull.


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