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Butterfly (Ajna) is also a name she likes because it means 3rd eye in sanskrit)

Is a female fairy from the fairy realm. She resides deep in the forest with her people surrounded by thick, lush trees. 

She is a special fairy because she has a visible third eye on her forehead; has long purple hair, butterflies wings, and an indigo aura. 

Ajna or Butterfly is unique amongst her people because she possesses strong magic.

And because of this can be a catalyst that awakens others’ magic.✨

Ajna or Butterfly assists with up-leveling your third eye and expanding your intuition. She will show you the limitless power you possess within you. 

Ajna’s energy brings the energy of excitement. She will help you to not only go after what you want but also help you to get clear on what you want. 

Ajna or Butterfly guides your soul path simoultaneously bringing you the gift of clarity. She will be your advisor when you need to make an important decision.

To connect with Ajna or Butterfly, you need nothing but an open heart. Just set the intention of connecting with Ajna and place her close to your heart. Her presence can be felt through energy.

Place her on the grass or close to a tree to cleanse her.  Show her love and respect and offer her something from your heart - when you feel guided. Ajna or Butterfly is a preactivated titanium coated Quartz Druzy Crystal Skull.


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