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Cosmo ~The Wise One.

Also known as Cosmo X.
He was a wise King of his Castle and was into higher learning.

His interest was that he enjoyed learning about different religions as well as science. His love with astrology earned him the nickname of the Cosmic Astrologer. He also admired The Ascended Master Merlin so much so that he included Merlin in a script that he wrote about astronomy.
Cosmo works with your highest chakra, and he brings the gift of knowledge. He assists in expanding your crown chakra so that you can utilize it to help you with your life as well as your spiritual life.
To connect with Cosmo, you can place him close to you when you feel like you need his support. You can meditate while holding him and ask him to share his wisdom with you. Always let go of your expectations and allow Cosmo to share his knowledge the way it’s best for you. This can manifest in various forms. He might appear in your dreams, he might show you a vision, or he might nudge you to go for a particular book.
Cleanse Cosmo with sage and running water regularly and always offer him your gratitude and respect. He is a pre-activated Nuummite Crystal Skull 2" in length.


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