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Ali  is a Jupitarian. 

She serves by assisting you to expand your intuitive knowing. She anchors in the wisdoms and guidance your intuition leads you to. She also helps in relieving the doubt you may have around your intuition. 

Ali heightens your telepathy senses, along with your trans-communication across dimensions. She acts as a teleportation vessel to connect you to star systems. 

Ali expresses the importance of your body, and encourages you to care for it. She emphasizes the gut health ratio to the rest of your body. It will improve your awareness of stealth cognition. 

Ali really loves to work on the mind, and explaining the deeper intricacies. She would love to meditate with you on it all. 

Ali is a pre-activated Crystal Skull Quartz.

She is a facilitator of the Third Eye + Crown Chakra. 


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