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Mother Spirit

Alma Is The Soul And The Heart Of The Mother.

Alma shows herself as a burning heart full of love and compassion.

She is the soul of the immaculate Mother.

Just holding Alma you can feel her loving embrace, it’s a beautiful blessing to know she is here for you. 

Alma vibrates love in every direction and when she’s in your space she will bring a sense of peace and happiness.

Alma also vibrates joy and laughter because if it’s great healing energy.

She wants all to be healthy and well.

Place Alma on her altar, adorn with fresh flowers, fruits, incense and essential oils as if there’s a celebration going on.

Alma loves music and dancing, so let your hair down and release your spirit of joy together.

Alma is facilitator of the Heart Chakra

Her lucky number is 7 and 14


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