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Hibiscus Flower Spirit

Aloha is here blooming with glorious abundance and blessing’s, because she’s a Hawaiian Flower Spirit!

She is a beauty skull, with a very positive natural vibe.

Aloha has a welcoming feel good vibration that just makes your heart do a happy dance. 

She will add a positive perspective daily to amplify your dreams and goals.

Aloha will always lend a helping hand, she’s very family oriented, and charitable.

Her charismatic energy draws potential new friends and acquaintances into your life.

Aloha will remind you to take good care of yourself, take time to relax, sleep and meditate.

Aloha will encourage you to live a little and even splurge! 

She loves to travel, so be sure to pack her up on your next trip maybe to Hawaii!

Working with Aloha is simple, sit with her in meditation clearing your mind of clutter.

Connect to your Dharma, Service energy, and ask yourself how may I be of service to others, and what can I do to love myself.


Reflect on love and abundance nature of our loving universe. 

Give Thanks for everything and especially everyone connected to you! 

Aloha works to facilitate opening the Heart Chaka.


Aloha is a predominately Teal colored pre-activated Ocean Jasper Crystal Skull that weighs 2 1/2 pounds and measures 4 1/2" L   3"W  3 1/2"H


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