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Low profile Rose Quartz Sterling Silver Split Shank Ring in a size 8 with Reading...still in progress and will be shipped out on the second shipment!


33" Ruby and Quartz Skull Necklace with pre-activated Skull with Reading.


Buddhist Monk

The fruit of autumn 

Persimmon is a Buddhist monk and scholar.

His favorite past time is watching the seasons change, he especially loves autumn.

Persimmon has a peaceful, solitary energy.

He is philosophical in his nature and uses analogies in his teachings.

His very name is a bitter fruit, that becomes sweeter with its maturity.

Wear persimmon with the intention of seeing lessons in nature.

We must see our time here as we are seeing the seasons, he says.

Sit with persimmon in meditations and clear your mind and open your heart.

Persimmon would have you spend time in the moment reflecting on the here and the now.

Persimmon especially likes to sit outside anywhere in nature, reflecting chanting and just observing the gifts of splendor. 




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