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Is a natural healer. 
She shows herself as a beautiful petite female with straight jet black hair wearing a long kimono with great egrets birds painted on the fabric.  Amaterasu assists in the activation of your third eye. She will show you the world beyond the physical realm, and will give you the perspective beyond the illusion.
Amaterasu utilizes your third eye to open your heart space. As a healer, she will assist you in healing traumas that you have carried since childhood. She will help you to release your heart walls and allow you to help others with a compassionate heart.
Amaterasu will guide you to self-acceptance and self-forgiveness. She will help you to embody your authentic self with grace and will also help you to hear the voice of your soul so you can use that guidance to assist you with your spiritual journey.
Amaterasu loves to connect with you through meditation and prayers. Spend time with her in the garden and in nature and cleanse her with clear spring water and loving prayers.

Amaterasu is a Amethyst Crystal Skull 18" Sterling Silver handwired necklace.


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