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Ambrosia ~ Lemurian Hospitality

Ambrosia is a Lemurian Lady who practices works of sharing, hospitality, and kindness.

Ambrosia is all about making us feel loved and important by service to others.

She is the spiritual energy of acceptance and goodwill.

Ambrosia’s hospitality and kind energy clears negative emotions, as she transforms the mind through deep healing vibrations.

She help’s clear depression, and the blues through the chakras and the energetic field.

Ambrosias energy shifts the life patterns and belief structures that get in the way of our being our best.

Acknowledge Ambrosia before working with others, housekeeping duties, tasks, entertaining, ect.

Sit with her in quiet or light meditations and ask how may I first be kind to myself and meet my needs.

Ask ambrosia how then you could be a lifting energy to other beings and vibrate high.

Open your heart to receive her blessings of wellbeing and happiness.

Ambrosia is the facilitator of the Heart Chaka and she is a good size pre-activated Mayan elongated Quartz Crystal Skull.


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