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The Healer

Maraba improves your intuition and the psychic energy field, improving your creativity and memory. 

Maraba is made from Brazilian amethyst that is fully charged of healing vibrations naturally, this aids both 3rd Eye and Crown chakra.

Maraba is made in Brazilian amethyst this gemstone alone clears blockages promotes peace and nurturing.

Maraba will be of a comfort to you just by wearing daily.

Maraba adds beauty to your surroundings, so stop to smell the Roses 

Her main focus is on your self care and wellness.

Maraba Loves Animals, especially the Song Birds. 

She finds there’s much to benefit being outside in a natural vibration.

Maraba makes a wonderful companion for healing works.

Maraba wants to help slow your pace a bit, balancing your emotions, and especially focusing on being in the present moment.

Maraba is a very gentle kind spirit, she loves to hear beautiful music, chanting mantras and seeing flowers around the home.

Maraba will encourage you to live joyfully in the present moments,

As she will work to help facilitate the Third Eye, Crown and Heart Charka. 

To work with Maraba simply wear her daily you may meditate with her and change her with mantras and daily intentions.


This Conscious Being is a fantastic Healer and has requested to go to someone who is needing healing and wellness.

Also it will be the first FULLY ACTIVATED skull mala to ever go out into this word to be of service.


#7 Amethyst Crystal Skull with natural Labradorite and Amethyst Beads created in a 108 Japa Skull Mala that includes a  Skull Reading.


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