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Will help you to communicate with your beloved animals on Earth and in the etheric realm. If you miss a friend from before you can ask that you be reunited again in this life. Animals reincarnate to their loved ones through new bodies and Andara oversees this.

Andara the Angel sits in a beautiful garden surrounded by animals that adore her. She is their caretaker and watches over them. She communicates telepathically with them. She can feel their feelings as if they are her own.

She caretakes the animal spirits who have crossed over, reuniting them with loved ones at the right times.

She wants us to remember how much we actually learn from the animals. They teach us unconditional love and patience. They see into the other realms easily and are content with what they have and where they are any given moment. They are present in their bodies.

If Andara has come into your life you may be an animal advocate or animal lover. She wants to thank you and work with you.

Her halo is actually her crown chakra shining her golden source light. She embodies the pure consciousness of source love and shares it with all who are open to it.

Her crown chakra, third eye and heart chakras are wide open and connected, just as in animals. They have an open connection to spirit and third eye vision. They live through their heart and let it guide them along their journey. They speak telepathically and through body language. These are attributes that you may be cultivating now and Andara can show you how with support and encouragement.

Let your heart guide you more than your head and see where it leads you. The heart wants love, joy and peace, and knows the quickest unencumbered path to get there.

Open your crown and third eye chakras and see a whole new world around you that has been hidden beneath the old. Listen when the Angels and Ancestors talk to you, guiding you. Reignite your open connection to God and the unconditional love found there. Let yourself be comforted and loved again.

Andara wants to remind you of the sweetness of life and to slow down a bit. Take that nap, that long bath, or walk in nature. Spoil yourself in the way you see the cat do unapologetically. Love unconditionally like the dog. Sing loud and unbothered as the bird does. Let your animal instincts back in. You may have been living too long through the mind. It is time for a shift in consciousness, so come back into your body and realize that the secret is found in using your physical vessel while you have one.

Andara will take you back to your roots and remind you why you wanted to be human. She will remind you to be fully present in your body. You have a magically incredible body that allows you to experience the Earth in numerous ways. Remember this and explore all of the possibilities, as a horse set free to roam.


Andara is a pre-activated, elongated Rose Quartz Crystal Skull measuring 2 1/2"L        1 1/2"W  1 1/2"H  weighing 4.2 ounces. 


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