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He/she says they do not have a “so called” name, but that we can call them Angel. Angel is a crystalline being from the ninth dimension. They are equal masculine and feminine energies. Very balanced and solid energy. They are of the vibration that the word Angel holds on Earth. 

Angel has come to awaken you and show you what is possible when you take responsibility for your thoughts and actions. Once you harness those two things, you can literally create anything on this Earth that you set your intention on.

Angel wants to sit with you in meditation and help heal any remaining trauma hidden deep in your physical body that may be affecting the vibration you are carrying and giving off. Angel will help you look to the future and stop living in the past. They will show you what is destined for you. Remind you what a powerful creator being you are and just why you came here. To have fun and create.

Angel will show you and explain about the higher frequencies of Earth now. Angel will teach you how to integrate these higher energies more easily and quickly.

Angel will teach you how to control these new super powers of manifestation.

The more you meditate and work with Angel the more connected you will feel to source. You will build direct communication lines to higher beings, Ancestors and past loved ones as well. You will see that we are all one and you have access to all of it at any given time. You just need to focus and learn to control your mind/intention.

Cleanse Angel often in high frequencies like crystal singing bowls and 963 hertz. It will help to hold their frequency steady and clean. Say a prayer over your water as you cleanse Angel with it also. Sage smoke and palo santo are also good to cleanse Angel.


Angel is a pre-activated Madagascar Smokey Quartz Crystal Skull measuring 5"L  3"W  4"H and weighing 3 pounds. 


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