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Is a high Angel from the Angelic realms.

She teaches self love, self confidence, forgiveness, worthiness and focuses on the feminine aspects of the self. Each of us has masculine and feminine aspects. The masculine refers to the actions we take and the feminine is the receiving aspect.

Aramena helps open you up to receive and well as assist you to fully understand that you are worthy of these blessings. She teaches self love and appreciation for your life, your body, and your unique traits that make you, you!

Aramena will clear out any misconceptions of unworthiness inside of you. Whether they are from childhood, a past life, or just past experiences as an adult.

Sit in meditation with Aramena and she will bring all of these memories to the surface to be transmuted and released. Ask her for help in any of these areas and she will gladly support you. She works through the heart chakra and connecting you to the unlimited, unconditional love of Source. Sit in that love vibration for as long as you can before starting your day and watch your days be filled with care and cooperation all around you.

Aramena returns your self confidence to full capacity as you start to see the life around you change as it reacts to your new frequency. You are Magic!

She reminds you that you need to be open to receiving the blessings you are working so hard for. You take all of the action necessary to create the life you want, but do you then relax in a meditative state where you allow the full blessings to poor into your life? Any feelings of unworthiness or self worth issues will block your blessings. You are working on divine timing now. They will manifest at the perfect moment in the perfect way possible.

Aramena will help you learn to release the need to control every aspect of the creation of things which is a human concept. Spirit works differently, for your highest and greatest good at all times.

Aramena will show you how to relax and allow. To create a steady flow of both energies, in and out of your life. Listen to your intuition at this time, as that is your feminine aspect guiding you. You will just know things, such as when to act again, or when to take a break and go get a massage. Listen closely and follow that knowing, when working with Aramena. She will communicate through your thoughts and intuition. She’s the little Angel on your shoulder telling you which way to go.


Cleanse Aramena in blessed waters (say a prayer or affirmation over spring water), rain, rivers, oceans, or lakes also. Sage her when you feel she needs it. She will tell you. Sit her in the sunlight or one the Earth for a few minutes to cleanse and re-energize her. When you are full of love frequency, hold her near your heart and share the love and gratitude with her.


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