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Is an eagle with a beautiful shiny black feathers and very keen eyes. Eagles have always been seen as the symbol of freedom and they have perfect vision as they soar to great heights.

True represents intuitive powers, and messages from the spirit world. He is a conscious connection to the divine because he flies higher than any other bird. 

He is the sign of honesty, integrity and truthful principles.

Black Eagles have a special gift of facilitating spiritual transformation, protection, rebuilding and rebirth.

He is a perfectly grounded energy even though he’s a master of the sky. He will lift your spirits after having a challenging day. 

True will help you regain your momentum,  and keep sight of the larger perspective.

He has the intuition to help you sort through difficult choices regarding, family, work, relationships or just life’s challenges.

True encourages you to take control of your time, making sure you are relaxing on your perch sometimes.

To work with True, sit quietly in meditation, calming your mind and focusing on your breathing and Being to feel your Eagle wings take flight. 

Begin your journey upward if it feels good to you, and scan your life with the eyes of an Eagle (stay detached from judgments now and just observe) soar as long as you feel comfortable doing this meditation.

When you safely return to earth ask True to work these challenges out in your behalf, and release all attachments.

You will begin to feel lighter and rejuvenated as True works to resolve circumstances, challenges and facilitate healings.

Meditations with True will rejuvenate your mind body and Spirit. He is facilitator of the Third Eye Chakra.


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