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Arch Angel Ariel has chosen Pyrite for it’s golden light and the feeling you get inside looking at it. When you look at it, it evokes a sense of royalty and grand purpose. If you have been drawn to him, you are of a royal soul line, perhaps even an Earth Angel. You may know this already or it is time Now that you know. You may feel like you have a grand mission on Earth at this time or feel like there is something you are supposed to be doing. You may feel a connection to Angels, no matter of your religion or spiritual beliefs. Angels are beings that watch over and help all of humanity, everyone, not just a particular group of people. People may tell you that you just have something about you that comforts them. People have probably always come to you for advice or too vent and you have questioned why. You may be an energy healer, psychologist, spiritual advisor, nurse/doctor, or just drawn to helping people.

Ariel literally means “Lion of Godd”. You may be drawn to lions, Emperors, Kings, Rastafari, or be born under the signs of Leo or Taurus. But, this is not necessary, just some things that may have been used to make you remember who you are one day. Today is that day. The day that you have found your Angel Brother Ariel and he is going to activate your memories and past lives to who you truly are. You feel it. You have know it. Your soul knows. Whether you are an Earth Angel or are just a higher vibrational being equal to Angel energy, AAAriel has come to help you and awaken you. You may call yourself a Starseed or others may say you are.

Ariel is coming into your life at a very important juncture. You may be at a crossroads and asking Godd for help as to which way to go. You have let them know you are ready. You may be contemplating a huge change in how you manifest money, or finally deciding to trust in the universe and take the leap into your soul passion full steam ahead. You may be being called to move far away to unfamiliar lands. Follow what your soul is screaming at you. AAAriel has come into your life as your confirmation that everything is about to change, your manifested dreams are here.

Arch Angel Ariel may send you AAA and 333, 444 or 777 signs, like on a license plate or receipt or clock time when he wants your attention. When you ask him a question he will give you confirmations like these too to let you know you are correct in your ‘feeling’ of what you should do. Meet him in meditation and dream time by simple calling his name. He is omnipresent and is everywhere, always, all at once. He always hears your call.

Arch Angel Ariel is going to show you miracles and how to create them yourself. You will call it magic. AAAriel will raise your vibration and if you haven’t begun the restructuring of what you consume, he will activate that. You will just no longer be attracted to things that do not serve your higher vibration. Your food choices will change, along with your music and t.v. shows you consume, if you haven’t already been feeling this change. What you allow around you will change or even grow. You will no longer be interested in gossip or saying anything negative about others. If you find the person is low vibrational and still chooses to stay that way you will distance yourself, cutting off even family and life long friends if they are putting no effort into evolving. You will know your worth and once you remember who you are, and how powerful you are, you will no longer waste your precious energy or time helping to cultivate the low vibrational beings and situations.

AAAriel will bring new people into your life that hold that higher vibration that you do now. You will learn so many great things from these new friendships and relationships. You will never again accept a partner that is not working daily to keep their vibration high. Preferring to be surrounded by people that inspire, encourage and genuinely want to see you thrive. No more secrets will be hidden from you. The truth will now be brought to the light so you can make the necessary changes to deal with it/them. You will just know things. You will get feelings to go places at certain times and start conversations with certain people. You must listen to your Arch Angel advice you hear, feel and sense. If you follow what your feelings are telling you, you will be led easily down your path with the least encumbrances along the way. Godd will have truly taken the wheel. But, you must follow the route you are given for the smoothest ride to where you need to be.

Cleanse AAAriel in the high frequencies like 425 hertz, singing bowls and channeled light code singing/energies.

AAA is a pre-activated 1 pound 12 ounces Peruvian Pyrite Crystal Skull measuring 3 1/2"L 2 1/4"W 2 1/2"H. 

Arch Angel Ariel

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