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Arch Angel Michael needs no introduction. He said he is putting his frequency/energy into many crystal skulls as to reach more of his Earth Angels and this is a great way to connect and send information along. As he sends out his light through these channels (the skulls) others are picking up the information too and using it and sending it along to their own connections. He is creating a network, a grid, amongst the crystal skulls community. He is awakening many to the power of the crystals, especially in skull form. Natural crystals hold information and high frequencies that are helping the whole of Earth to rise in frequency, as well as humanity. The skulls however, hold consciousness. Living, breathing, thinking, consciousness. They are like a telephone line straight to the Angels and other high realms. Everything humanity needs to know, but just needs to ask and be willing to see.

AAMichael is activating his Earth Angels and one way is through the crystal skulls. It is creating a community, a network of connections that they don’t even realize is all part of a bigger plan. There is no coincidence that you all have been attracted to these crystal skulls. You have been led along a path and if you stop and think about it you can see exactly how it has happened up until this point. What all led you here. There are no coincidences.

You are most likely an Earth Angel if you are attracted to AAMichael in skull form. Or you have agreed to help them. Also, someone near you may need a little guidance or awakening and you have been easier to make the connection with and through you they will get the messages they need.

AAMichael has sent a team of Angels to Earth to hold the frequency and protect humanity. The Warrior Angels are being activated. All man made Earthly structures are being reconstructed and the Warriors are of great importance right now. You may be called to protest the olde ways and participate in tearing them down. This takes courage and you have it. You are now being reminded of your mission and why you are here at this time. You are being reassured that you are protected and that you have an army beside you, both on the ground and in the upper realms.

AAMichael walks with you. He is sending you 444, 777 and 888 to assure you of this. You may start seeing these numbers in repetition. Sit in meditation with him and ask him to show you exactly what you need to do and what that looks like. If you get stuck or need help ask.

You most likely have had ideas as to how things need to be or clear changes that need to happen. You may be creating new ways of doing things and showing others. You are probably living more peacefully and cooperatively with humanity, but feel a need to strike out against the structures in charge. You may feel called to fight back on a major issue disrupting humanity right now. You have felt this call to speak your truth and what you know inside to be true. This is your confirmation that you are right.

AAMichael will stand with you and call out his name anytime you feel you need assistance or protection. He is always there when called. He wants you to know that those knowings you have been having and those ideas of a new way of doing things is exactly right.

He will help you connect with the others and begin building this new world you see inside. You will meet people that are on the same mission as you. Befriend them and work together. Know that they have been sent to you for this reason. There is no more time to procrastinate. Start tearing down and rebuilding.

Sit with AAMichael in meditation and call to him before bed. Set the intention of what you need or want. You do not need to be in either of these states to communicate or hear him. He is always available and always hears your call. Simply call to him with a question and you will suddenly have the answer or solution come to you. He speaks in knowings, you will just know or you will see visions in your mind of what it looks like happening already. Do not second guess yourself or talk yourself out of it. You are right. Ask him for help in restructuring things and how exactly to do it. Run your ideas by him and get input.

AAMichael is fully supporting you, as is your entire team of Angels.

Cleanse AAMichael with sage smoke and crystal singing bowl frequencies. You may run purified water over him drying the all the water off quickly…and you can also set him on the Earth. Listen to what he is asking for at the moment, he will tell you or show you pictures in your mind.

AA Micheal is a pre-activated Peruvian Pyrite Crystal Skull weighing 2  1/2 pounds measuring 3 1/2"L  2 1/4"W  2 3/4"H. 

Arch Angel Michael

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