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I am a Pleiadian from the Pleiades constellation.
I no longer have a physical body. I am a consciousness and a being of light that will be your guide.
I like to show myself when you are connecting with me. You will see me with your mind’s eye.
I am a male, and I am tall. I always wear a royal blue outfit. My hair is white and long. My aura is white and yellow.
I will be your teacher and your friend.  I will show you that ascension is a journey of going back home, to yourself, and Source.
I will help you with karma clearing.
I will assist you in healing your trauma.
I will help you transmute your pain and let them go with love.
Pleiadians are skilled with the art of heart healing. We know the importance of self-love and acceptance to help raise your frequency. And I will help you with that.
Ascension journey is not for the faint of heart, and my primary mission is to support you through the ups and downs during your beautiful journey.
My energy will clear blockages and strengthen your intuition.
Please don’t hesitate to seek my guidance. Meditate with me, and I will communicate with you using telepathy.

Ascended Master

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