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Heavenly Being

Aurora is a high vibrational Angel Healer and Caretaker.

She is a peace loving spirit, she brings heavenly light into your aura.

Aurora helps you navigate your faithfulness, blessings and overall happiness. 

Aurora is a full spectrum light Being who emits a high violet  frequency. 

She’s charged with positive vibes and when you’re wearing her your own aura will shine as brightly as heavenly lights.

Aurora will bring peace and calmness, with deep emotional healing for your spirit, as well as you body.

Aurora is a sacred Being, she delivers prayers and draws in gratitude, compassion, love and happiness.

Wear Aurora everywhere you go, she will attract friends and bring loved ones closer together.

Aurora can be annointed with absolute Rose oil to help encourage a higher vibration when wearing.

Aurora adds extra protection and a joyful lifted spirit all day.

Aurora is the facilitator of the Heart Chaka


108 Japa Skull Mala made with a titanium coated pre-activated Crystal Skull and Assorted Quartz Crystal beads.


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