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My name is Aurora Borealis, and I come from the cold and icy land of Antarctica.
I am the spirit of Mountain Erebus of Antarctica.
I am bringing the gift of solitude to help you to connect with your highest self.
My specialty is to help you to unearth your soul…and my mission is to help you cultivate your soul's natural gifts and to use those gifts to invite more blessings and abundance into your life and your community.
I will lovingly assist you heal your creative energy and lend you strength and motivation to create the life of your dream with your creative energy.
I will assist you with the healing of your feminine energy and help you master the art of surrendering to the universe.
I’ll also amplify your imagination because imagination is a doorway to the spirit realm.
Healthy and active imagination is beneficial to help the inner child heal and be free.
Connect with me by spending time in silent meditation with me. I will bring my guidance to you through aligned thoughts, visions, feelings, and intuitive nudges.

Aurora Borealis is a pre-activated 2" highly defined blue Lapis Lazuli Crystal Skull.

Aurora Borealis

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