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Autumn is a faery, and she is deeply connected to the Fall season. She appears as a small female fairy with a bright and warm orange aura.
Autumn works with inner child healing and manifestation. She works directly with your higher self to heal your inner child and assists you in letting go of past pain and trauma that has prevented your inner child from being free to express itself fully. Autumn believes if you heal your inner child and activate the magic within you, you will attract many blessings. Autumn is about harvesting the blessings and benefits from all the hard work you do to better yourself.  She will assist you with your manifestation by giving you her guidance to take actions you need to take to bring you closer to your dreams.
To work with Autumn, set your intention first before you sit down to meditate. For inner child healing, hold her close to your heart (facing you) and tell Autumn what issue you wish to heal. You might experience visions or feel emotional during this process. Breathe through it and let go of what needs to be released.
To work with Autumn to help you with manifestation, set your intention and sit down and meditate while holding her with both palms. Let go of your expectations and be open to receiving her guidance. You might feel drawn to take a particular action, or her guidance could come through thoughts and dreams. Carry her with you if you feel guided to.
Offer Autumn your gratitude after every session. Treat her with love and respect.
Cleanse her with sage and spend some time with her in nature. Place her on the ground when she nudges you.

Autumn is a pre-activated recon Amber Crystal Skull 2 1/2" in length.


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