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My name is Avalon, and I am a heavenly Angel of protection. I am a commander Angel who commands an army of angels.

I carry a long white staff with a jewel that emits bright lights. I am a large male with long white hair and large sets of wings.

When I fly, my wings flap creates a large gust of winds. My aura is as bright as the sun. And our presence will bring you warmth.

My army and I will protect you, your home, and your loved ones.

I will help you to access your soul’s library. Together, we will work with your karmas. I will help you to finish your karmas and release them with love.

I will help uplift your soul by sending you healing energy from heaven. This healing will bring peaceful energy and fill your heart with light.

I will help you to go through life challenges with ease and patience. I will assist in raising your vibration by guiding you to work through your triggers with compassion and love.

Don’t hesitate to call on me and my army of angels whenever you need us. Our protection and guidance are always available anytime you need them.

Connect with me through prayers and love.

Cleanse me with water.

Avalon is a pre-activated Blue Adventurine Sterling Silver handmade ring in a size 8.


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