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Ayumi (pronounced Á-yú-mí) 

Ayumi brings her healing energy through your crown chakra down to your root chakra. She facilitates the healing energy from the plant kingdom to assist with your spiritual ascension and raise your vibration. She knows which plant can help to cleanse your aura and knows which plant can help heal a particular chakra. Her guidance will manifest in the form of nudges, thoughts, and signs. She understands that a spiritual journey needs a healthy vessel, and she will assist you in achieving a more healthy life using her knowledge of herbal medicine. She assists with releasing heavy energy from your body that originates from absorbing other people’s energy or deep subconscious beliefs.  Sit down close to a plant to connect with Ayumi. Place her close to a tree or a flower bed to cleanse her and offer her incense.

She had a knack for feeling the plant's healing energy and devoted her time to her tranquil garden.

Ayumi is a medium size one-of-a-kind pre-activated handcarved colorful refillable Skull Candle.


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