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Azrae’el (pronounced Azz ray elle)


Azrae’el is an Angel of pure unconditional Source love. Her aura is pink. She has come to bring more love, compassion and understanding to humanity. She emits only the highest frequency of pure Source love energy. In her presence you will feel that unconditional pure love frequency of Mother Father God. Unlike the parental love given by humans and based on circumstances and reasoning. This is real love, unconditional pure love.

Azrae’el comes to you to heal you inner child trauma that may have been caused by you feeling you had to prove yourself worthy and earn your love. It was not freely given without expectation.

She wants to hold space for you and hold you, as you work through these deeply ingrained traumas that do not exist in truth.

Azrae’el reminds you that you are loved by The Most High love there is, the love that is truth. She will show you how to release these false beliefs around love and show you that you were always loved and deserving of love, no matter your actions.

Azrae’el restores the self love you were born with. That love that said you come first and that your world does revolve around you. She will show you how this is still true and that it is time you take back all the love for yourself. Put yourself first again. You cannot truely love anyone else until you are so full of self love that it overflows onto the others around you. Take care of yourself again. Spoil yourself with love and affection as you would a brand new baby.

Azrae’el will show you how to forgive yourself, for everything that you still carry inside. These are not yours to keep....give them over to the Angels and let them be lifted from your shoulders so as you may walk a little taller and lighter.

In meditation sit with Azrae’el at heart level and she will bring up those hidden and forgotten traumas you still hold onto the vibration of. They must come to the surface to be released and transmuted. Cry it out if you need to, get mad, whatever comes up let it out. Azrae’el will be right by your side holding space for you. After you release as much as you can that day, ask Azrae’el to fill in all of those now empty spaces with the pure golden God Source Love light. See and feel them filling up until they overflow into your aura, changing your aura color and making it brighter. Watch as it expands further into the entire space around you. You are safe inside this field of unconditional love. Just sit in it and feel love and gratitude. Think of all the reasons you are so happy that you are you and all of the good you bring to this world. Think of all of the unconditionally loving things you have done to help others. Feel the Angels love saturating you throughout your entire being. Sit in this as long as you feel.

Azrae’el asks you to put yourself first from now on. That may look like letting go of some people who are not of this higher vibration. You will know who they are by how you feel after being in their presence or talking to them. If you feel drained and emotionally exhausted after then they are not vibrating at your level any longer. Give yourself some space from them however you can. If you wake up miserable to go to work each day then start making a plan to follow your joy and get paid for it.

Buy yourself gifts and go out to eat just for you. Start treating yourself like you would your very best friend. Spoil yourself.

Azrae’el will shower you with love and teach you how to let go of judgement. You are love and deserve to be your radiant lovely self every day!

Cleanse Azrae’el with sage and high frequency singing bowls. Run her through blessed water (say a prayer over it) and sit her on the Earth to share this high frequency love with Mother Earth and humanity.

Azrae’el is a pre-activated Rose Quartz Crystal Skull measuring 1 2/3 of an inch.


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