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A blue ball of energy without form and gender.
Azure is high-frequency energy made of pure unconditional love.
Azure transcends time, space, and dimensions.
Azure assists with many healing needs using its potent energy.
Azure's blue energy heals, restores, and awakens your chakras.
Azure heals your body and light body while you are sleeping.

Place Azure near you while you sleep and envision his blue energy surrounding your body. This practice can help with deep healing and can manifest through dreams and realizations.
Deep healing with Azure will help you clear your karma and ancestors contracts that no longer serve you.
Meditate while holding Azure near your heart space and let Azure show you things you need to see to access your soul.
Let go of your expectations and let your intuition guide your journey with Azure.
Your intuition will guide you when to carry, meditate and start a healing session with Azure.
Charge Azure by placing him on earth. Cleanse Azure with sage.

Azure is a unique one of a kind pre-activated Turquoise Crystal Skull.


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