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Azuzu says he is from the 9th Nebula, in the constellation of Aquarius. He is a multi dimensional traveler. When he is on Earth he takes the form of a great Orca. He is here to heal the Earth through the waters. He finds his peace and restores his own balance by traveling through Mother Earth’s cleansing waters.

He swims thousands of miles spreading his healing energy through the waters. The energy spreads across the Earth from there.

Azuzu is wise, old and kind. He holds the balance of things in order. His voice carries healing and balancing frequencies that spread outward never ending.

Azuzu is a great protector. He will protect your home and you. He gives off a frequency/vibration that will help balance your space.

Azuzu is great for balancing your emotions and your divine feminine and divine masculine attributes. His orca colors of black and white remind you that there is balance in everything and that it is attainable within you as with outside of you.

He will sing to you and balance your own vibration. You may hear his song in your head when your mind is quiet. It will soothe you and calm your emotions.

With balance there is peace. You may feel your space feeling more like home and like a true sanctuary, where you leave heavy energies at the door.

Azuzu may have you attracted to a whale, dolphin and orca energy/medicine. If you feel called, look into what that means and how it relates to your life.

Azuzu would love to sit by the ocean with you and meditate. If this is not possible you can play ocean sounds and the songs of the whales while you sit quietly with him.

He will guide you and you can ask him anything. You may ask him to help balance your emotions of your opposite aspects of yourself. Your yin and yang.

Place him somewhere prominent in your space or where he can keep an eye on the front door. Follow your intuition, he will tell you where he wants to be.

Cleanse him in salt water. Simply add a small amount of pink Himalayan salt to spring water and swirl with your hand. You can dip your hand in it and rub it over him imagining his cleansing and being restored to perfect balance. You may also sage him or lay him upon the Earth.

Azuzu is a pre-activated 4” elongated high polished Black Obsidian Skull weighing 1 pound and 10 ounces.


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