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Is a Water Nymph.

Beneath the walls of an abandoned castle, lies a fresh spring of water and an ancient mote encircling the castle is now taken over by a magnificent Lily pond full of magical creatures.

They all live in harmony and in perfect peace.  Bailey is one of these beautiful entities.

Bailey is part dragonfly and part fairy, referred to as a Water Native or Nymph.

Nymphs are found in all bodies of

clean water, mostly in Sea Water but Bailey’s (her name means outer walls of the castle) is completely comfortable and safe in her Lily mote. 

Bailey’s love for nature is unparalleled and her knowledge of botany, plants and animals  is very extensive.

Bailey believes in the healing energy of nature and believes that human kind would be much healthier and happier if they were to disconnect from stress and disappeared into a natural environment at least for a little while. 

Bailey believes that communing with one another on a regular basis and relying on each other as a community is very helpful for a long happy life.

She believes pulling together to be a stronger community in general is the foundation of mental wellness.

We are all connected in our Spiritual ecology. 

Bailey feels all of us have very specific needs for our wellness, as in her Lily Pond everyone requires something different to be healthy.

That said, Bailey wants us to get out and breathe fresh air, get exercise and lots of clean water.

She suggests mainly plant foods for humans. 

Bailey would have us search for answers for ourselves in books  she wants to encourage your well being and your indulgence on others and the environment.

To work with Bailey sit in meditation and clear your mind, she’d like you to consider this action daily with her.

Relax and let go of tensions and stressful thoughts.

Say affirmations of wellness or your positive mantras. 

Ask her for guidance or healings, after this meditation take action!

Do this daily with Bailey and you will see positive results begin to make dramatic difference.

Thank Bailey for her Service. 

Bailey is facilitator of the Third Eye Chakra


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