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Marshland Spirit

The Magical backwater of the bayou is a life giving land and a Spiritual revival that has somewhat been forgotten because of its inaccessible nature. Bayou is a private glimpse of rare beauty, where wild life thrives and the brackish fresh water meets with the sea. 

Bayou has a slower pace and speaks in metaphors usually about nature. He watches crabs  sea birds, turtles and even dolphins swim into his beloved waters. Many creatures retreat into seclusion on their wildlife sabbatical.  Sometimes he encounters a lucky human to inspire.

Bayou will definitely draw you in, he will sit you down encouraging you to listen to the peaceful wind of the marsh grass and the laughing waves on the shore. He says from this perspective you can see both sunlight on the water and the storm at sea in the distance, this is a beautiful perspective of life.

Working with Bayou is simple, sit and visualize his home, there are many beautiful Bayous to visualize.

Bayou will encourage you to journal and write your own Perspectives on life and your own spiritual purpose and your personal view in the beautiful Bayou.

Bayou is the facilitator of the third eye chakra. He says all numbers are lucky, but if he could only pick just one he would pick a number 3


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