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Black Elm

Female Tree Spirit

Black Elm’s is a stately tree standing 75 feet tall with roots going back to ancient Greece and Roman, back though generations, and generations, back to other spiritual sons and daughter saplings of the great grandmother tree Dryad. (Still acknowledged by druids today) 

Dryad a tree nymph who was honored as The Tree of Night and Goddess of Dreams. 

Black Elm is the tree of sleep, dreams, and peaceful transition of all types.

Black Elm is also a medicinal treatment for purification, wellbeing and help with internal ailments. 

Black Elm’s powerful lineage and deep roots within these Ancient cultures, has left her with oracle abilities, a psychic tree possessing the ability to predict future events. 

So to sum it all up, Black Elm comes from a long history of revered Demi Goddess’s with powers of peaceful sleep and Insightful dreams, she moves you though transitions, and is a healer with psychic abilities!

How to work with Black Elm:

Black Elm is always working in your behalf, so place her on an altar with natural items (change them with the season) sit with Black Elm in Meditation daily. Visualize yourself in a beautiful forest, feeling your own roots ground as you sit before your beautiful Black Elm Tree Spirit, feel safe and protected in perfect peace. 

Ask for healings or insights when visiting her.

Black Elm has the nature of a sweet grandmother, and she will make you feel welcomed and loved. 

Black Elm is the facilitator of the Crown Chakra and the Heart Chakra.

He is a pre-activated 4" length specialty carving Lapis Lazuli Crystal Skull weighing just under 3 pounds.

Black Elm

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