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I am a wizard. I lived in an ancient time where Kings and Queens still bond deeply with magic. I advised many Kings and Queens to the path of prosperity and helped them to see the wanders of magic.
I stood tall and I wear a long gray cloak. Though I might look intimidating, no one ever look at me with fear in their eyes for I walk with love and virtue.
I always carried an obsidian orb that I used to help me to see future timelines. My gift earned me the nick name “All Seeing”.
I will assist you to the path of self discovery. I will show you and help you cultivate your spiritual and psychic gifts that you can utilize to help you with your journey.
When I connect with you, you can feel my energy manifests through your crown chakra. Often, my presence is accompanied with a gentle pressure or tingling on the top of your head.
As your teacher, I will connect with you in many ways. I will give you guidance through your thoughts and deep knowing. My energy will expand your intuition so you will receive my guidance clearly.
I will help you to choose the highest timeline that will brings you many blessings and lessons for your soul to master.
I will show you things you need to see through visions and dreams.
I will be your eye while I teach you and help your soul to level up.


Black Obsidian Skull Necklace in 18" in length.

She is made with a Blk Obsidian main Skull and 6 Black Agate Skulls wired with Onyx beads.

All Seeing

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