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Is an enlightened empath Being from Atlantis.
Unable to see since birth, Kira used her heart to get to know others instead. Kira assists individuals thrive.
Her name means “Beam of Light.”
She works with clearing your heart from dense emotions and fills it with light.
Kira helps with deep inner shadow work and also assists 

with self-forgiveness so you can project love outward.
Kira will expand and awaken your ability to see other people for who they are, beyond their appearances and personalities.
She assists in awakening and sharpening your intuition.
Her energy encourages you to be compassionate and patient.
Kira believes a compassionate heart and the ability to see every living being as sacred and precious is the path of ascension.
Wear Kira as often as you feel guided. Meditate with her to connect with her essence. Offer Kira love and gratitude and cleanse her with water and sage.


#1 Onyx Crystal Skull with natural Turquoise and Onyx Beads created in a 108 Japa Skull Mala that include a Skull Reading.


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