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Ole’ Blue Eyes is a Canine spirit. He is black and white with blue eyes. He changes form now from a small lap dog to a wolf. He comes in the form the person he is helping needs. If they are in need of companionship or healing he comes as a small lap dog they can sit and cuddle with and take anywhere with them. If they need protection or courage he is a huge black wolf. At any time he will change form to what is appropriate to assist you at the time.

He loves that canines are known for their loyalty and unconditional love. He says those are very true facts. If you have lost a dog he especially wants to comfort you and help you grieve. One day he will reunite you with that same canine spirit in another form. You will recognize them one day looking into their eyes or seeing a particular unique behavior that is soul familiar.

Ole’ Blue Eyes or Ole’ Blue will stand by and protect you. He will help you leave unhealthy relationships and situations. He will alert you when you meet someone and if they have undesirable intentions the hair on the back of your neck will stand up.

During break-ups, great loss and grief he will sit at your feet transmuting your pain and comfort you. You will feel him if you are connected and you may even begin to see him with your third eye superimposed over what you are looking at. You may hear a dog bark when no other dog is to be found.

Ole’ Blue will never leave you and will send you signs to reassure you he is still there. He will heighten your senses and have you talking less and using your other senses more, strengthening them. He can help you open your third eye and heighten your sense of premonition of what is about to happen. He will alert to danger and Earth changes in land or weather coming. He may give you an urgent feeling to leave town only to miss a huge storm that would’ve caused you issues.

Wear him and dogs will feel like you are one of them. They can see him with you and may act weird or alert to him near you.

Leave him nearby when sleeping and he will stand guard all night. Those who are no good for you will begin to feel uncomfortable and start to distance themselves further and further from you. Pay attention to who this happens with. Let them go. Your guardian is at work.

If you are looking for a dog companion take him with you and he will introduce you to the perfect one. He will respect any canine you may already have and build a working relationship with them, like your little team of guardian Angels.

Ole’ Blue will teach you peace and joy. To enjoy each day and be present. To smile for no reason and think to yourself, life is good. Ole’ Blue teaches not to sweat the little annoyances. To play as hard as you work, if not harder!

He will start to surround you with people with his qualities; loyalty, service, genuinely happy spirit, optimistic, encouraging, protective and unconditional love and understanding.

Ole’ Blue likes  Anubis and Wolves. If you are drawn to these you may have a canine guardian spirit with you. To cultivate those protective attributes in Ole’ Blue lay him near a photo of Anubis or a Black Wolf when you are not wearing him.

Cleanse and recharge him by taking him into nature, place him on the earth or run him through some water. You can also bring him around other dogs, like to the dog park to re-energize him or reward him with free play for a job well done.



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Ole’ Blue Eyes

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