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Bless is a beautiful female spirit with pure angelic energy. Just like her name, Bless opens the door of blessings to your life.
Bless helps you with inner peace and the feeling of contentment.
She brings awareness of things that make you feel deep gratitude, and utilizes that power of gratitude to open the door of blessings.

Bless assists you with achieving your dreams and manifestations.
To work with Bless, sit down in silence meditation while holding her. Envision a white light envelop your aura and breathe it in. Be present and follow your breath until you feel calm and relax. Bring her close to your heart chakra and open yourself to her by praying with her. Notice what comes up after your prayers. Notice any feelings or emotions that come to the surface. Feel your gratitude for blessings that come your way, and be open to receive by letting go of your expectations. Journal your session afterward.
Offer Bless your thanks after your dedicated time with her.

Cleanse her with running water and also sage if you like.

Place her close to you for prayers your way from her. Bless is a pre-activated 2" length Glass Crystal Skull.


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