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Blue Beam is a Blue Light Being from Andromeda. Blue Beam is a healer and holds the frequency to heal your vibration. Blue Beam assists healing the Earth and humanity, in turn healing the rest of the Multiverses too.

Blue Beam works with frequency/vibration and is very high in vibration. You will immediately notice changes in your surroundings. It’s almost like a high frequency that dogs can hear, but most humans can’t. It is affecting change in everything around you. In your cells and in the molecules of everything. It may irritate some people and repel them.

As your frequency rises to meet with Blue Beam, changes will naturally occur. Your diet will change and you may feel the need to fast. You may find yourself purging belongings that you have had for a long time. Their vibration is too low for your new higher vibration and you no longer feel the need to have them around. They may hold trauma activations that you don’t even realize are there. If you feel you should get rid of something, just do it. Don’t try to figure out why. Follow your first instincts now. Do not allow yourself to talk yourself out of things. Your first inclination is right.

Blue Beam heals quickly and at first it may feel uncomfortable. Just know that your cells are literally changing, healing and becoming completely new. You will shed the old and feel so much lighter and better afterwards. If you fight it, it will just take longer. Blue Beam encourages change.

Sit in meditation with Blue Beam and imagine a blue light going into your heart and spreading through your body from there. Imagine each cell filling with light, causing its outer casing to break away to be transmuted and all that is left is a new shiny bright ball of light. As the light passes through your body and each cell, you can see your aura getting brighter and brighter. Hold that image of you sitting inside a ball of light that surrounds you, it’s frequency penetrating everything inside of it. Feel yourself shed the lower vibration and release it to Source.

Set your food or water near Blue Beam to raise its vibration before you ingest it.

Wear or carry Blue Beam with you and imagine a blue force field around you protecting your frequency. Nothing lower frequency can penetrate your aura. However, your frequency will grow bigger and bigger affecting everything around you.

Blue Beam is there for you to raise you up whenever you start feeling down. Simply meditate together, cleanse your aura and remember your power.

Place Blue Beam near your bed to have out of this world dreams (experiences) or near your front door to discourage lower vibrational people from coming around.

Cleanse Blue Beam in running water. Rain water and charged full moon water are energizing as well as cleansing. Sage when you feel necessary for Blue Beam, yourself and your home.

Blue Beam

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