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I am an ancient Water Elemental Being. I have observed and helped humanity since the beginning of time.
I worked with a water priestess in ancient Atlantis, and also worked with kind villagers in east Asia.
I love to dwell in a pristine lake near people. To those who open their hearts to see the magic around them would see me as a large golden Arowana fish. Over time, people in China called me the lucky fish.
I love to give happiness and bring you lucky energy and prosperity. My lucky energy could manifest in many ways. It could be opportunities, helpful people, or happy accidents. Your gratitude will multiply your luck.
My specialty, however, is to use my songs to heal you. I can tap into your emotions and use my sound frequency to uplift your vibration.
If you place me near you while you sleep, I might come to sing for you in your dream. If you wear me close to your heart, my warmth will cheer you up and lift your spirit. My sound frequency will rejuvenate your energy.
Connect with me through prayer and kindness. I will use your positivity and turn your beautiful energy into more blessings and bring more joy into your life.


One Handwired 18" Sterling Silver Lapis Lazuli, Rainbow Labradorite and Blue Adventurine Crystal Skull necklace.


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