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Bodhi is a male Monk and is a joyful of energy and embodiment of a monk. He is a great spiritualist, full of wisdom and knowledge.  Bodhi is a Laughing Skull that makes you feel good and full of joy.  Wear him as often as you can for full effects.  He also has a very serious side and would preferably like to chant, pray, say mantras with you daily as a practice. Meditations for peace, compassion and to end suffering is his first task each morning.  Bodhi develops self discipline, confidence and grace with his facilitator.  He says life is like a spiral to awakening, the journey is the best way to your hearts own nirvana.  Bodhi is the facilitator of the Third Eye Chakra and he is a 108 Japa Mala made with a Howlite Skull with 4.37ct of Garnet capochon eyes and garnet and camel bone beads throughout. 


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