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The Buddist.

He spent his life being devoted to the Buddha’s teaching in a Nepal monastery. 

He appears young as a young man wearing a Buddhist robe with a bright yellow aura. Bodhi loves the Bodhi tree - the same tree that Buddha (Gautama Buddha) attained his enlightenment and spent much time meditating under.
Bodhi wants to continue his journey as a crystal Being assisting his guardian with feeling inner peace and contentment through compassion. He will assist you to open your heart chakra so you can connect to the Divine and feel compassion through the act of serving others. Bodhi is looking to be with a lightworker or anyone who works helping other people.
To bond with Bodhi, he asks you to hold him near your heart chakra and meditate with him. Let go of any expectations and be present throughout the sitting with him. Bodhi will share his wisdom with you. He might do this through your thoughts or shows you visions.
Offer Bodhi your gratitude after every sitting. Offer him incense and pray with him when you feel guided to. Bodhi is a pre-activated Crazy Lace Agate Crystal Skull measuringslightly under 2"L


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