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Is a nature spirit who resides on top of the high mountains...She likes to be near the clouds so that she can play with the wind from the top of the mountain. 

Breezy is nurturing and takes care of nature by giving her love and blessings. 

She wears a beautiful dress, and her hair is adorned with sparkly gems.

Breezy has a majestic and large aura that can reach far. Her aura is the color of light lavender and white. 

She is the master of sacred ceremonies that assists you with a manifesting ceremony through the power of the wind. 

She can also assist you with a releasing ceremony. You can ask her to help you release energetic cords, attachments, and timelines that are no longer serving you. 

Breezy works with your heart chakra healing and purifying it awhile calling back your energy.

She enjoys solitude because she knows solitude can be a powerful tool to get to know your soul. Breezy guides you to your core and connects you with your highestself energy. She utilizes her love to support you when you are going through the process of deep healing of embodying your highestself. 

Meditate with Breezy when you want her guidance. Set the intention to have her assistance before you begin your ceremony. 

Cleanse Breezy with sage and prayers, and give her your thanks. Breezy is a 2 1/2" L  Amethyst Crystal Skull.


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