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Brimstone is a protector, much like Arch Angel Michael energy just call his name and he is there. He will lead you down the safest path when you need it and watch over you on your journeys.

He will help you work through any karma or guilt, as he has learned how to forgive himself for his actions from his past lifetime. He will help you find forgiveness for yourself and others so that you may finally move on. He is clearing his last karma by helping humanity to rise out of violence and fear and into love and compassion.

Brimstone knows that magic is real and how it can be used to heal. He will awaken those memories in you too. You will start remembering your power and learning how to best use it for your own benefit and to heal humanity.

Brimstone watches over the Witches that have reincarnated during these times. If you are drawn to him, it is likely you lived during those times also, or you feel you are in need of protection as you walk your unique path and step into your full power this lifetime.

He reminds us not all Witches/healers/seers are women. He works with masculine energy just the same.

Brimstone will help to ground you in your body and to this Earth. If you do a lot of spiritual work, he is great to end the day with and brings you back down to Earth. He is the healer’s companion and he helps transmute any negative energy you have picked up during the day. He guards your energy from anything unwanted attaching to you and scares away anything already around. Show him around your home and set him by the front door or facing it to keep low vibrations out. Put him next to your bed at night to watch over your body as you travel in dream time.

Brimstone is your body guard and friend. He has a gentle, kind heart for the kind hearted, but will go to war in a second if necessary to protect the innocent.

Meditate with Brimstone and tell him what you need him to do. He wants to be of service and will help any way he can. From finding your lost car keys to making unwanted people stay away from you, whatever you need, no matter how big or small, just ask.

Cleanse Brimstone in Sage smoke and set him in the sun for a few hours to recharge his fire. The sun will burn away anything unwanted and recharge him at the same time. Set him near the fire or a candle when you meditate with him, or have a fire going. He likes iron and fire. He also likes to sit and watch the flames and may show you how to fire gaze to scry.


Brimstone is a Fully-Activated polished 3 1/2 pounds 5"L

Pyrite Crystal Skull.


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