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Is a Water Elemental Being that lives inside a hot spring deep in a mountain.

Bubble shows herself as a female Being with a transparent body

surrounded by a luxurious golden light with luminous sparkles.

She has very playful and refreshing energy and she brings this energy to you when you are connecting with her.

Bubble’s golden light has healing power that helps rejuvenate your energetic bodyand thoroughly cleanse your aura.

It is common to feel relaxed or sleepy when connecting with Bubble.

She clears out energetic attachments no longer serving you, and ushers fresh energy into your life.

Bubble assists in opening the door of abundance and good luck.

She is a master of problem-solving that will also assist you to heal the root of the problems that could manifest in repeated cycles or stagnant energy.

She gently guides you through closing these cycles that could drain your energy.

Connect with Bubble through meditation near a body of water or bath.

She works through your third eye and expands your vision. Her energy manifests in the forms of visions and realizations.

Give Bubble your gratitude and keep her close to you.

Bubble is a pre-activated dark amethyst whistle Crystal Skull.

(Whistle means that she has a hole underneath her to whistle from.)


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