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Air Elemental Being (Air Faerie/Air Guardian)

Happy Go Lucky and Effervescent, Beautiful, Elemental Air Being.

Bubbly is called Bubbly because of her beautiful vibrant colors and lighthearted vibrations she emits.

There are many types of Elemental Beings, Bubbly is associated with the air elements know as the Sylphide.

Sylph, term is know as a minor spirit, or elemental being, like faeries of the air.

These are the air guardians, and they float on wind currents, never residing anywhere except in the air. 

Their role is to purify anything near them and reduce the vibrations of negativity.

Bubbly is a feminine energy that has magical skills to completely dissolve a harmful environment, so place her in the heart of your home. 

Bubbly will bring a sense of joy and comfort anywhere you put her.


To work with Bubbly sit quietly in a light meditation, asking yourself how can I be kinder to myself and my needs, listen closely and write these down in a journal for later reference.

Ask Bubbly how can I be a positive energy to others?

Open your heart to receive her blessings of Heath and Happiness. Bubbly is the facilitator of the Heart Chakra and is a pre-activated Titaniam coated Glass 3" Glass Crystal Skull.


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