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Buddha says his name is not important. That he is everything, all things and no things all at the same time. Then he laughs a big deep belly laugh.

He sits atop a Himalayan, snow capped mountain in meditation and silence. He has no hair and wears a brown robe and sandals that he can easily slip off to go barefoot. He has a peace about him that will spread to you immediately. Meditate with him in silence and he will teach you telepathy, astral travel and astral projection. He will teach you to hear others thoughts and project yours to them, causing them to hear your voice in their head or think of you and call you or come see you.

He reminds me of the Buddha statues, so happy and content, full of joy and peace,  just sitting there in silence smiling to himself. He has the stillness of a plant. You know that it is growing and moving, but you can not see it with the two eyes.

He now says that we can call him Buddha. He likes the vibration it holds and the comparison. It brings peace and joy to people in the same way he does.

Buddha sits in peace sending this out over humanity from his highest peak. He brings you an inner peace you have never felt before on earth. He has you knowing that all is well inside no matter the chaos in the outside surroundings.

Buddha teaches detachment from material things and that everything to be happy is already inside of you. He wants you to stop giving your power away and cultivate your inner power, teaching that no one can control your emotions, but only you. No one can make you mad, sad, or happy. You choose to feel a emotion based on the actions of others and that is all wrong. He will teach you peace at all moments no matter what others are doing or saying and how to just walk away from low vibrational situations and people.

Buddha teaches that we don’t need to talk all the time. We need to be silent, watch, feel, listen and learn. He may have you go into hermit mode. The continuous noise that comes from others mouths will irritate you. Gossip will repel you and you will start telling people you don’t want to hear that anymore. You won’t want to go over “problems” repeatedly, only their solutions. You will find yourself only wanting spiritual, high vibrational conversations when you do talk. You will pay more attention to the things you consume, like the music and t.v. you consume as well as the food.

Buddha will bring peace in all things. He will help you leave unhealthy relationships and surroundings. He will have you create a home that is a sanctuary or manifest one of your own if you live in an unhealthy one.

Buddha will teach you everything he knows, but you must get quiet and listen.

Buddha will teach you to laugh again, like really laugh, from deep in your soul.

He will have you purging things that do not carry a high vibration or that remind you of trauma, like things from old relationships that we still hold onto.

Buddha will gently release all low vibrational things from your life, including situations and people. Let them fall away, and you will rise up in vibration as you lay the baggage down that you may not have even realized you were still carrying. You will actually feel lighter! Like releasing the sand bags from a hot air balloon, you will rise!

Buddha can be cleansed in running water or sage smoke.

Buddha is a pre-activated elongated Amethyst Crystal Skull measuring 2 1/4"


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